Wade Brosius | About
My oldest daughter Megan joined Unionville Rugby in 2003. Matthew and Erin joined the club a few years later and all three played for West Chester in college. The tradition continues at the club level now, including Meg's first official head coaching stint for Unionville, the club that started it all. It has been an honor and a privilege to photograph them at every level and in every sport through school. Photo credit also goes to Connie Brosius for many of the rugby photos.

Once you decide to buy a photo, you will be given a menu of choices for image size and finish. You will also be able to crop it to your taste before finalizing your purchase.

Some of the photos won't be perfect. Many of them can be saved with a little editing. I've taken some not quite perfect shots and made them look like old newspaper or sepia-tone photos or colored them with filters. The picture will dictate what can be done, usually. If you have any questions or special requests please contact me using the form on the website.